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Welcome to the School of Scenography

Set Designer, Theatre Designer, Production Designer, Scenographer are some of the many titles for this multifaceted or multidimensional creative role that essentially is a visual storyteller. Set Designers are part of a production team bringing creative ideas to life while representing a given script or score.

We create, conceptualise, guide and fulfil visions; we make designs into a reality; and create an all and encompassing world for our audiences. 

Learn various aspects of being a Set Designer from producing scenery for traditional stage settings to experimental spaces. In the School of Scenography, you can discover your niche. 

Costume Designers are imperative to any production. Where there is a performer, there are the needs for costume. The Costume Designer encompasses a wide range of abilities from research, design to realisation. 


Costume establishes the period, themes, ambiance of a production to ascertaining the nature of each character such as age, class or occupation. Costumes go beyond the ascetic and construction to even assisting the performer to 'get into character' and it is only then that the costumes truly do come to life.  

Be captivated in learning about Costume Design through online courses, training and live events. 


Becoming a Set and / or Costume Designer takes creativity, risk, ambition, dedication, resilience, authenticity and tenacity. The School of Scenography will offer you the tools in starting your entrepreneurial journey as a Designer.


Join our free Facebook group, an online community, for new up and coming Designers who: aspire to refine strategy; be accountable; share aims and goals; explore the self-employed mindset; and to make action plans towards success.


Learn and develop skills in starting up as a Set and / or Costume Designer. Obtain skills that will assist you at the start of your entrepreneurial journey. 


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