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Welcome to the School of Scenography, an online school working with individuals exploring Set and Costume Design as a creative career. School of Scenography is a place to build and share knowledge to empower new Designers to prosper in their entrepreneurial journey. We are interested in mastering your design skills and achieving your goals. 


Through this website and our Facebook group, you can access:

· Online courses, training, live events, book recommendations, resources to extend creative skills 

· A supportive network of like-minded individuals, building networks, bringing creative people together and nurturing growing relationships

· A place to share design ideas, set/costume opportunities, identify rights & responsibilities of a Designer


The values of our online school are making learning accessible and affordable. Whether you are in education, unemployed or in employment, our courses are created for you to study at your own pace. These online courses are for self-development and to enhance your skills, CV and portfolio. 

Dana Pinto has an extensive design and educational career following completion of a BA(Hons) Theatre Design, PGD Scenography, MA Scenography, PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education from the Institute of Education at University of London and a Life Coaching certification. Dana is a Scenographer with interest in breaking through the proscenium arch and spent many years as a Course Leader and Lecturer in the Arts and as a Qualification Writer for a renowned awarding body. It is through her knowledge of Scenography, education and writing new curriculums, that has led her here to build this online school in order to reach out and make the scenographic arts accessible to all. Dana’s interest is in empowering new, up and coming Designers to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in Scenography. Dana is also the Managing Editor UK for 'The Scenographer International Magazine' and member of The Society of British Theatre Designers and the Creative Industries Federation.

The School of Scenography pledge…

for every Course purchased, a copy of that Course will be given to a person

who is disadvantaged from pursuing training in the Arts especially

those from a less developed country.

Open Knowledge 

Open Minds 

Opens Doors 

In our hotel reception

Dana Pinto


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